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15th October 2005

riotonsunset2:58am: existentialism?

existentialism, grunge, music. tons of concert photos and videos of bands.

12th October 2005

h_u_s_h8:57pm: Addictive - Last 50 images posted to LJ
Damn this is addictive. http://www.grinshtein.com/livejournal

I've wasted my entire day just watching the images refresh and clicking people's livejournals

27th December 2004

iemapplescript10:09pm: Random
This site shows the last 50 pictures which were posted on Livejournal (for users who haven't disabled this). Some are very interesting, others disturbing. Caution this can be NSFW due to random pictures that are placed on LJ.

28th November 2004

iemapplescript10:26pm: http://wizardofodds.com/
Information on just about every Casino game you have ever seen, including in-depth odds on every game you can imagine.
iemapplescript5:02pm: Web Games
Found a nation, participate in the UN, make your own decisions and see how they affect your country. A very politically based game.
iemapplescript5:00pm: Web Games
Start your own province in this massive online game. You can go to war, use magic, send thiefs, and be active in politics.
iemapplescript1:37pm: http://www.tweakxp.com/
Thousands of small tweaks so you can personalize your copy of Windows XP.
iemapplescript1:36pm: http://www.simpsoncrazy.com/
The home of everything Simpsons related. Check out their downloads section for more mp3s than you can shake a stick at.
iemapplescript12:34pm: Web Games
Some of the best games you can find on the web. Updated often.
iemapplescript12:33pm: Web Games

A collection of some of the best webgames.
iemapplescript12:31pm: Search Engine

The best search engine by far. Check out google tools for more things you can do with google.
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